Developer Vertical Robot just confirmed that its hugely enjoyable puzzle game Red Matter will land on the standalone headset August 15. That’s the same day as Pinball FX2 VR and Time Stall. A busy day for Oculus Quest fans, then.

That said, you should definitely check out Red Matter if you haven’t already. In the game, you play as an agent in a sci-fi Cold War, traveling to the barren planet of Rhea to investigate an abandoned base. Soon after you arrive you start experiencing strange hallucinations. It’s not long before you discover that not all is what it seems.

We’ve reached out to Vertical Robot to ask after features like cross-buy support.

In the video above Vertical Robot details some of the changes its made to the game’s visuals for Quest. Surprisingly, the team’s actually added to the graphical feature set, resulting in a game that looks incredibly polished on the standalone headset.

We really liked the game when we played it on PSVR last year. Its puzzles strike a welcome balance between challenge and pacing and its story keeps you hooked.

“Red Matter is nothing short of a textbook example of how to do VR adventure games right,” we wrote. “It emphasizes design and experience, putting immersion front and center, making a bullet-proof case for why it needs to be seen and played in VR. Short length and some troublesome puzzles betray its winning streak to some degree, but don’t change the fact that this is one sci-fi story you shouldn’t miss out on.”

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