The popular PUBG game is already available on less productive smartphones in Southeast Asia, South Asia, North Africa, and South America. PUBG Mobile Lite is the mobile version of the popular game Battlegrounds on the mobile platform.

The game was much changed and optimized to work on less powerful equipment. The smaller cards that can accommodate 60 players will be available now in the game, while the standard PUBG versions have 100 players. To make shooting more accurate with weak network connections, PUBG Mobile Lite introduced improved assistance to the sight, the absence of the effect of bullets on shots over long distances and lower recoil of the weapon.

Note that this game was previously available on mobile devices and it gathered about 50 million players a day. According to Sensor Tower, the PUBG project earned about $167 million in July 2019, and with the new Lite version, the game will attract an even larger audience.

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