While Sonos may have a two day press event planned to intro new products later this month, the Internet has a differing timeline. And, yesterday, two of several devices we believe Sonos is working on passed through the FCC. One may be a refreshed Sonos Connect, although I’d been hoping for a smaller subwoofer, the other adds Bluetooth streaming capabilities — in addition to the traditional Sonos mesh, but something entirely new for the music streaming pioneer.

a high-performance wireless speaker and part of the Sonos sound system. The device’s primary function will be for streaming with Wi-Fi, but also features Bluetooth audio streaming and Bluetooth Low Energy, used for simplified setup.

As it turns out, someone saw me tweeting about a “round” Sonos and wanted to set the record straight … with the above photo. Voilà! It’s almost assuredly the long rumored, long pined after portable Sonos. Given the microphone array, touch controls, dot-dense-grill, I guessing it won’t be as rugged as the UE Boom 3 or even the IPX4 Bose Revolve ($200-300) and more suited for usage around the house than for a jaunt to the beach but, hey, it’s a Sonos! That’s portable! In terms of styling, it’s clearly a Sonos given the branding and One-esque top surface. But, unlike, the One this speaker is more cylindrical and possibly a bit smaller. Given the slightly tapered and possibly bumperized base, as with those aforementioned bluetooth speakers, I wonder about battery life and the possibility of a charging cradle.