OnePlus has announced about its plans to enter the smart TV market earlier this year. Instead of launching a traditional smart TV device like Amazon and Apple, OnePlus is going all out by launching a full-fledged TV. According to insiders, OnePlus will launch four different screen sizes for its TV starting with 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches. The base variant will start from 43 inches and there will be no OnePlus TV in 32-inch screen size as of now.

OnePlus TV launch date

High end 75 inch TV is expected to be launched only in North America while all other 3 variants will be launched in Asia market including India and China. will be the exclusive online partner for OnePlus TV.

All variants will have 4K HDR display along with some sort of OxygenOS tuned for the TV experience. OxygenOS is known for its smoothness and minimalist design while both the things are missing from Android TV OS from the beginning. Perhaps OnePlus will launch its TV with an Android TV OS that is fluid and modern.

oneplus tv os

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in an interview said that the current iteration of smart TVs seems to be missing on fulfilling a great internet experience. He mentioned that OnePlus TV will have a better UI when it comes to displaying information from the connected smartphone on the bigger display. Apart from this, OnePlus TV will also offer a great viewing experience with immersive audio.