Thinking of upgrading to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10? That makes sense because it gets a lot right and is truly unique in several areas, but pull the trigger and you might also be missing out on a real game-changer next year. 

Samsung Galaxy S11 will be a big advance on the Galaxy Note 10 – concept render


Gold plated leak superstar Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) has revealed Samsung is working on replacing lithium-ion in its smartphone batteries with graphene. And the tech, which promises a full charge in under 30 minutes, could arrive in “at least one handset” as early as next year. 

Needless to say, such tech would be reserved for a flagship which pins it squarely on either the Galaxy S11 or Galaxy Note 11 with the timing clearly favouring the latter. Especially with Samsung already using ‘superfast’ 45W charging on the Galaxy Note 10 as a differentiator from the S series this year. 

The barriers? Blass states Samsung is still working on raising capacities and lowering costs and the release could slip into 2021. That said, few flagship owners upgrade annually or even every two years these days, so the question is whether you can wait or potentially spend several years watching enviously from the sidelines. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 charging technology could soon look antiquated


The advantages of skipping the Galaxy Note 10 are also adding up. We already know the Galaxy S11 has an upgraded design, ballistic new RAM, potentially class-leading performance and a completely overhauled camera which is being labelled as “a new beginning” for Samsung smartphone photography. 

So yes, if you need the S Pen then you need the S Pen, but the temptation to hold off for a genuinely game-changing smartphone just became a lot stronger. 


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