Expect our review near launch

If you haven’t played 2015’s Her Story yet and really enjoy the idea of a modern FMV adventure game, you probably should get on that: it’s $10 on Steam and worth an afternoon (or several). It’s better than the FMV board game from Community, and Mad Dog McCree, I promise.

The creator of Her Story, Sam Barlow, has another game coming out soon starring Ryan’s brother from The O.C. and Donna from Halt and Catch Fire (low key one of the best shows in the last decade): Telling Lies. It’s the same FMV-centric gist as you’ll follow the perspectives of multiple people as you slowly piece together a narrative, and it’s actually coming out soonsoon, as in, next week.

Sam Barlow’s team has revealed to Destructoid that the game is set to debut on PC and iOS on August 23. Expect our review around launch!

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