Other following trials will be carried out over the next year and were all chosen to meet our customers’ most immediate needs. These include:


A small device that clips on near a stop cock and monitors water temperature. It can detect if there’s a leak in someone’s home, alerting our repairs team so they can fix it before it causes any damage or inconvenience.

Insurance companies will also lower home insurance premiums if they know people have a LeakBot in their home.

Amazon Echo Dot

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Alexa and lots of us already have one. The Amazon Echo Dot, however, is a voice-controlled speaker that incorporates ‘Alexa’. We’re interested to see how the Echo Dot can help customers connect to their home and to our services.

In exchange for a free Amazon Echo Dot we’re asking customers to interact with Alexa whenever they have a question about their home or think about contacting RHP.

Customers will work with us and share this information so that we can move forward with how we might use this technology to deliver a better digital service.

Smart thermostat

As you’ll know, you can control your heating and hot water with a smart thermostat’s easy-to-use touchscreen.

Using its sensors, it will understand when best to turn your heating on or off, can help protect homes from mould and damp and lead to significant savings on energy bills.

With the thermostat we’re asking customers to share information with our maintenance team, which will help us monitor the quality of their home and take action if required.

Humidity and temperature sensors

This tech comprises of sensors in the home that monitor humidity and temperature. This can help identify quicker if a home is at risk of developing issues such as condensation.

We’ll be able to monitor results remotely, intervening sooner to prevent subsequent effects such as mould.

It will also give us evidence to guide us to the positive next steps to best future-proof our blocks.

smart technology won’t just make our customer’s lives easier, but it’ll also help us to further decrease our operating cost per home (through a reduction in repairs and contact).

We’ll be able to invest these savings in our development programme, helping us build 1,000 new homes by 2023.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve asked customers to volunteer to take part in these trials and we’ve had an overwhelming response with more than 200 people putting their hand up.

We always knew we had smart customers.

David Done, chief executive, RHP