OnePlus TV is expected to be unveiled next week, but the Chinese company announced the smart TV will only be available in India at launch. Although OnePlus said little about its next produce when it revealed its name earlier this week, someone found a bit more information about the OnePlus TV.

Android TV Rumors claims the OnePlus TV will be equipped with a quad-core MediaTek MT5670 processor, about which we don’t have any info yet, a Mali-G51 MP3 graphics processing unit and 4K support. The TV will run Android 9.0 Pie and it will pack 2GB RAM. Although the TV menus will be displayed in 1080p resolution, the TV will offer 4K visuals for any compatible content.

On top of that, OnePlus confirmed in a tweet that the OnePlus TV will feature a QLED display, at least the 55-inch model. Also, the OneTV is expected to include an AI assistant and Bluetooth remote.

Apart from India, OnePlus targets other regions like North America, Europe, and China, but no roadmap for the release of the OnePlus TV in these markets has been revealed yet.