With reports claiming that Toyota plans to bring back the MR2, Autoindustriya asked the Supra’s Chief Engineer, Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada, which manufacturer Toyota would like to work with to revive the iconic sports car. His response was rather surprising: “Porsche.”

The publication notes, however, that it was difficult to tell if Tetsuya Tada was joking, but it’s not out of the question.

As Autoindustriya further points out, Porsche has built some successful mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive models like the Boxster and the Cayman and Tada-san said the Boxster was used to benchmark the Supra during testing. It seems feasible, then that Toyota could be looking for another automaker to partner with for its next sports car revival, but it isn’t clear if any discussions have happened yet. We’ll have to wait and see if Toyota sees Porsche as a potential partner (and the other way around).