Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection

Leaks happen too often nowadays, and today is one of those days. A listing for Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection has appeared on the PlayStation Store in Hong Kong.

In case you didn’t know, Capcom hasn’t even officially announced this game yet, but it’s due to arrive on 21st January 2020. While this listing is currently limited to the PlayStation Store, like previous Mega Man collections, you can expect this one to be released on multiple other platforms, including the Switch.

According to the store’s description, the collection will include six classics: Mega Man Zero, Mega Man Zero 2, Mega Man Zero 3, Mega Man Zero 4, Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent. The Zero games were originally released on the Game Boy Advance and the ZX games debuted on the Nintendo DS.

This collection will also include an artwork gallery, music player, special filters, a Casual Scenario Mode, Save-Assist feature, and leaderboard-based Z Chaser Mode. While we wait for a more official confirmation, here’s a trailer (thanks, Gematsu):

Are you looking forward to the release of this collection? Leave a mega comment down below.