PS4 owners can take advantage of an amazing deal this weekend.

Just moments after the latest batch of PS Plus free PS4 free games were revealed, Sony has given fans another PlayStation Plus bonus.

For a limited time, PS Plus subscribers can play Firewall Zero Hour free of charge.

One of the best PlayStation VR games out right now, Firewall is a tactical shooter that takes advantage of Sony’s virtual reality device.

Sony explains more on the PlayStation Store, confirming that progress will be carried over to the full release.

“From 28 August to 3 September, you can play Firewall Zero Hour for free and keep your game progress by upgrading to the full game.

“Active PS Plus membership is required to access this free game trial and online features.”

One thing that is worth pointing out is that add-on content can’t be used with the free trial, so fans are warned not to purchase the content ahead of actually buying the game.

“Firewall Zero Hour add-on content cannot be used while playing the free trial,” the post continues. “Do not purchase this add-on content from PlayStationStore unless you own the full game.”

Firewall Zero Hour has been compared to tactical shooters like Rainbow Six Siege.

The biggest difference is that you can play this in VR, which means you’re fully immersed in the action.

“Coordinate tactical strikes through full 360º vision and total freedom of movement in this immersive squad shooter – exclusive to PlayStation VR,” reads the official description.

“Hear the crackle of gunfire all around you in 3D surround sound as you enlist in a unit of elite mercenaries engulfed in high-stakes battles for valuable intel.

“Work together to execute strategies, eliminate the enemy, secure the target… and take home the cash.”

If you download Firewall Zero Hour and want to see how it compares to Rainbow Six Siege, you can also download a free trial for the Ubisoft shooter this weekend.