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I knew what would dominate “U mad, bro?” this week.

I wrote a column about USWNT soccer player Carli Lloyd. She made a 55-yard field goal after an NFL practice recently. So now there appears to be a social media movement to get her an NFL tryout.

After one kick out of uniform.


In fact, Nancy Armour of USA Today went so far as to say Lloyd “deserved” the chance. And she wrote a lot of other nonsense, too.

So, I destroyed that premise in a column Wednesday. To the surprise of no one, my response brought the “wokesters” out of the woodwork.

Meanwhile, other people are just mad at the Pirates.

I got a tweet from “PGHover HATE.” But he sure seemed to hate my column.

No. I eagerly trashed Armour and those — like you — who think she “deserves” a tryout based on one, unpadded, undefended practice kick.

Jim didn’t like the column either.

She made one stunt kick for the cameras, out of pads, in practice. Now there is a groundswell for her to get an NFL job.

But I’m the one overreacting.

Got it.

“Surfer Joe” piled on, too.

Boy. A lot of “ifs” there.

You are assuming the “team actually signing her” part. And the “does well” part.

That’s the problem. You can’t assume away those points.

Yeah, if all of that happens, fine. But right now, a team would be signing her for the sake of appeasing Twitter. Not for the sake of the roster.

“Jt” sent me an email. It sounds like he is more on my side.

(Lloyd) threw out the first pitch at the (Pirates-Phillies) game last night. She should be added to Bucs bullpen.”

Frankly, I think there are more good kickers in the NFL than there are good pitchers in the Pirates locker room.

She might have a better claim out there in the Bucs pen than she does as a kicker.

Let’s wrap up with Elliot, who sums up everything wrong with the mentality that suggests Lloyd is somehow due an opportunity to try out for an NFL team even though she has never kicked in her life.

She has “proved she is as pro ready as anyone else who can kick a ball.”

Different ball. Different sport. And she really hasn’t proven she can kick at any level of American football.

But aside from that, this tweet makes total sense.

A frustrated fan named James posed this Pirates question.

Not a fan (of) Pirates management, but has anyone written about the Pirates spending nearly $25 million on (Corey) Dickerson, (Jung Ho) Kang, and (Francisco) Cervelli and not receiving an equitable return?

In addition to horrible pitching, having 3/8 of your starting team fail (for whatever reasons) makes it nearly impossible to win, even with an OK first half.

I agree on Dickerson. But based on how little Kang (.169) and Cervelli (.193) contributed, I’m not sure what more you wanted to be “equitable.”

I got this email from a Pirates fan named Brian.

Is it indicative of a personality issue, that I’ve been switching from the near nightly Pirates massacre over to Netflix to watch the latest season of “Mindhunter?

I’ve kinda started to do the same thing, Brian. I began watching a show to cheer me up after Pirates losses because the show depicts a less brutal scene than what the Buccos have been going through.

It’s called “Chernobyl.” Ever heard of it?

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