We take battery life for granted these days. Not that long ago, being able to pull four or five hours of so-called “screen-on time” was a fantasy, but now it’s a milestone almost every flagship phone can reach. At the end of the day, most of us probably plug in a phone that isn’t anywhere near dead. With so much longevity becoming a standard and expected feature, when was the last time your phone’s battery actually died?

This weeks’ poll comes courtesy of my own experience. Just a few days back, the battery in my 7 Pro died after forgetting to plug it in for a couple days, shortly after coming home from the gym. (At least I didn’t have to exercise without media.) When it happened, I realized that I couldn’t pin down the last time my phone’s battery actually died — it might even have been last year when I was using the Galaxy Nexus for a week.

Speaking to a few of my friends about the curiosity, none of them were able to remember the last time a phone actually died on them, either. Batteries last longer and charge faster these days, and more of us own chargers distributed in more locations for frequent topping-up, which helps.

Is this change in perceived longevity a universal experience, or are you fighting against a phone which dies almost every day? We’re curious to hear: when was the last time your phone’s battery died, if you can even remember?

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