Xiaomi Mi 9 triple camera detail purple 3

Some of the best mobile phone cameras of the year thus far include sensors ranging anywhere from 8 to 48MP. But what if we told you that pretty soon mobile phones could come equipped with 108MP sensors? Well, according to XDA Developers, that’s exactly what we could see from Xiaomi in the near future.

Xiaomi is apparently working on four new devices codenamed “tucana,” “draco,” “umi,” and “cmi” that will likely contain 108MP cameras. The included sensors will probably be the new Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX sensors. This would be the first mobile camera sensor to exceed 100MP and was designed in collaboration between Xiaomi and Samsung.

Samsung says the sensor can absorb more light in low-light settings than smaller sensors thanks to its pixel-merging Tetracell technology. The sensor imitates big-pixel sensors and produces brighter 27MP images.

Xiaomi’s MIUI Mi Gallery app is also adding support for viewing 108MP photos in full resolution. This feature is being added specifically to the four aforementioned devices.

Though there is no official news from Xiaomi or Samsung about Xiaomi’s future devices containing the sensors, all evidence points to this being the case. In early August, Samsung said it was close to mass-producing the sensor, so hopefully, we will see devices with 108MP camera sensors launch sooner than later.