VIENNA, Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — StreamUnlimited, principal system integrator for audio streaming and voice assistant solutions in consumer electronics, announced today the integration of the nymea IoT framework into its market-proven StreamSDK software stack. The move further strengthens the StreamUnlimited portfolio, with licensing options for nymea independently, or in conjunction with a wider StreamSDK feature set. This offers existing and new customers the opportunity to integrate a wide variety of smart home functionality into their home entertainment solutions. With the advent of voice-enabled smart audio products, these devices have become the center-piece of consumer’s day-to-day lifestyles. But the expectation from users for these devices goes far beyond basic music streaming and voice control functionality.

One of the key challenges (and opportunities) for today’s connected smart home is fragmentation –  the market has been flooded with a variety of different devices and protocols, each offering their own unique implementation in terms of UX, physical interface, security and interoperability. What’s missing is a “natural surface to glue” all these connections together in order to convey a coherent end-user experience. We believe that a smart speaker is that natural surface. Smart speaker penetration in North America is already reaching 50% according to market data. Smart voice assistants from big ecosystem players have done a great job in stitching these smart home products together. However, there are “coordination challenges” between these ecosystems resulting in an experience that falls short in terms of providing the integrated and contextualized experience that homeowners expect from a smart home system. This is where StreamUnlimited’s extensive experience with brands and voice assistant ecosytems comes to the fore. The addition of nymea middleware to StreamSDK will enable Consumer and CEDIA brands to use nymea alongside StreamSDK software in current and next generation home entertainment products.

The nymea framework improves the ability of networked products to inter-communicate through thousands of protocols and APIs, thereby increasing consumer satisfaction and reducing the dependency on Gateways and Bridges. It dramatically reduces integration efforts for any machine to machine interaction, disrupting the approach of isolated IoT applications that are often limited to one specific functionality. Benefits include both online and offline connection of product hardware with countless other products through the support of a huge number of low-level protocols including Bluetooth, Zigbee, KNX, Modbus and the use of modular API connectors.  The nymea framework can be used to connect a variety of smart home devices like thermostats, IP cameras, doorbells, smart locks, lighting and switching controls etc.

Simon Seres, nymea CEO said, “The close cooperation with such a successful and innovative company as StreamUnlimited means another milestone for us on our exciting journey with the clear vision of a seamless, reliable and secure Internet of Things.”

StreamUnlimited, at its suite at IFA and CEDIA next month, will be showcasing some practical use cases on how nymea can be used in today’s smart home products. Drop by our suite to witness a “follow-me around the home” music feature demo, remote device controls and intercom functionality utilizing existing smart speakers in the market, powered by StreamSDK.

StreamUnlimited CEO Frits Wittgrefe said, “This is an exciting strategic partnership for StreamUnlimited and our customer base because we continue to ensure that our solutions and expertise remain extendable. Our core mission through all these years has been to provide a one-stop shop to our brand customers and ecosystem partners for all their music streaming and voice assistant applications. The nymea integration takes us a step further in that direction, this time through offering an integrated smart home and IoT solution.” CTO Markus Rutz added, “We have for some time been considering options to expand our connected smart home capability in order to offer our customers increased diversity in their product development. With nymea, we identified a natural fit – a unique product capability symmetric to our modular, flexible StreamSDK architecture, leading directly to a commercial investment.”

nymea will be showcased at both IFA (Berlin) and CEDIA (Denver) tradeshows in September. For more details and to schedule an appointment, contact

About StreamSDK:
StreamSDK from StreamUnlimited is a flexible, modular software solution that transports any streaming audio functionality to multiple consumer electronics devices.  Alongside Chromecast built-in and the Google Assistant, features include Apple AirPlay 2, Amazon Voice Services, a vast range of music and Internet radio services, support for high resolution audio, UPnP/DLNA, USB, BT, wireless and Ethernet connection, graphical user interface, Android and iOS applications and a proprietary Multiroom streaming solution. StreamSDK is portable to various processing platforms including the StreamVienna ready-to-use hardware module family, ranging from the low-cost Stream1832 to the premium Stream810 and Stream1955.

About StreamUnlimited:
Founded in 2005, StreamUnlimited originated as a team of 25 engineers and in 14 years has built its own IP while more than quadrupling its size. StreamUnlimited is now a supplier of software solutions and modules for connected audio and IOT products, with office locations in Vienna, Bratislava, Shenzhen and Santa Clara. Partnering with all major semiconductor companies and technology providers in the consumer electronics space, StreamUnlimited works with a global cross-section of high-end audio, CEDIA-channel, premium and mainstream consumer electronics manufacturers.
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About nymea:
In 2013 the founders identified the need to resolve the drawbacks of typical home automation systems and isolated IoT applications: Cloud dependencies and a lack of standards impede the evolution of added value based on machine interaction. After a commercial and technical development cycle, holding company guh GmbH was formed in 2016, thereby successfully providing the nymea integration middleware to the market, accompanied by a vast array of production and maintenance tools for superior IoT products.

SOURCE StreamUnlimited

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