Earlier this year, Panic! At The Disco wowed London’s O2 Arena with a concert featuring pyrotechnics and a 28-song setlist. Now, they’re giving fans who weren’t able to make that stop of the Pray For The Wicked tour the chance to experience it up close and personal by partnering with MelodyVR for a viewing experience that makes you feel like you’re onstage with the band.

“With MelodyVR, you can get closer than ever to your favorite artists and control what you see by moving between ‘Jump Spots,’” MelodyVR’s website explains. “Which means you can go down the front, deep in the crowd, or even up on stage with the bands you love. Don’t worry, we won’t tell security.”

Both the band and the VR company gave fans a sneak peek of what to expect from the show experience with teaser videos, which you can watch below.

P!ATD isn’t the first band to partner with a VR company this summer — last month Billie Eilish announced her concert in Madrid would be available via Oculus Venues.

While there’s nothing quite like attending a concert for your favorite artist, VR is giving fans that aren’t able to splurge on tickets (or travel to the nearest stop) the opportunity to be a part of it too.

Photo: Getty Images