Google Home originally debuted as a single model back in 2016 and challenged the Amazon Echo in the connected home sphere.

Google has since launched three other Home products that form its current lineup.

The Mountain View company is not stopping there though – next week Google will add the Nest Hub Max to its range.

Nest Hub Max was unveiled during Google’s I/O developer conference back in May – in many ways the device is a larger version of the original Nest Hub, formerly known as the Google Home Hub.

The new hardware totes a 10-inch HD display, making its panel three-inches larger than the regular Nest Hub.

The screen can be used for streaming video, displaying food recipes or even as a way to exhibit a user’s Google Photos library when not being used.

Just like all connected home devices from the American firm, the Nest Hub Max comes with the Google Assistant built-in.

This means users are able to ask the product a deluge of questions and command it to perform a wave of tasks.

The Nest Hub Max’s larger size also means it houses a more powerful audio setup than its smaller brother – the device comes packing two tweeters and a woofer that should combine to deliver a capable audio experience for owners.

The most notable feature of the Nest Hub Max is by far its 6.5-megapixel Nest Cam that allows users to monitor their home when out and about.

Just like other Nest Cams, owners can view its camera feed at any time as long as they are subscribed to the service in question.

Moreover, the sensor also allows for multiple accounts to exist on a single Hub Max thanks to its facial recognition capabilities.

Finally, the lens can also be utilised for video calling.

Google Nest Hub Max will release on September 9 for £219 – the device is available in chalk and charcoal colours.

The device works with both Android and iOS smartphones.