Google has finally released Android 10 after six months of beta testing. As usual, Pixels have picked up this latest version, and the Essential Phone has continued its habit of timely updates. The last wave of OnePlus flagships also picked up Android 10, but only via the Open Betas. At the time of writing, Android 10 is still something of an exclusive club — have you updated to it? How do you like it?

While 12 different manufacturers participated in the Android Q Beta Program, the vast majority of phones haven’t been updated to Android 10 yet, and it will probably be a while longer until popular flagships like the Galaxy S10 snag it (though it is being tested). The mod crowd is already getting a taste of Android 10, though. The first custom ROM based on Android 10 has already landed, and the intrepid have new Android 10 GSIs to play with, not to mention testing programs like the OnePlus Open Betas.

The changes present in Android 10 are too many to cover here. Feel free to take a glance at our roundup list for a refresher, and I’ll have to trust that most of you are familiar with the details, given our coverage for the last year. While there’s a lot to like, including the new dark theme, other features like the revamped gesture navigation system are pretty polarizing, and some of the privacy tweaks have destroyed workflows.

Pixels are by far the most popular devices among our readers, so many of you have had the option of updating to Android 10 for almost a week now. Have you taken the plunge, and if so, what do you think? This week, let’s go half poll and half discussion since there’s a lot to say on the subject and plenty of perspectives to have.

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