A new study has found that you no longer need to hit the gym to feel like you’ve a few pounds.

New research has found that sniffing lemons can help you feel slim, with the lemon’s aroma boosting your body image and improving your self-esteem.  The lead author of the study Giada Brianza, a Ph.D. student, said, “Our brain holds several mental models of one’s own body appearance which are necessary for successful interactions with the environment.  These body perceptions are continuously updated in response to sensory inputs received from outside and inside the body.  Our study shows how the sense of smell can influence the image we have in our mind of our body and on the feelings and emotions towards it.”

The study was conducted at the University of Sussex’s Computer-Human Interaction Lab found that participants felt thinner and lighter when they experienced the scent of a lemon.  Brianza believes this discovery can help those struggling with their weight and body image find a better sense of self.  She said, “It could lead to novel and more effective therapies for people with body perception disorders or the development of interactive clothes and wearable technology.  They could use scent to enhance people’s self-confidence and recalibrate distorted feelings of body weight.”

The study also found that the scent of vanilla had the opposite effect of that of a lemon, making participants feel thicker and heavier.

Via Fox News