Laurence Doddshas taken a look at Apple’s announcements … and is underwhelmed.

Apple’s latest announcements fit with its plan, and its plan, strategically, is sound. The only problem is that on the strength of Tuesday’s announcement, its actual execution of this plan seems to be… well, not very good. 

Take Apple TV+. Its flagship show, See, starring Aquaman’s Jason Momoa, looks terrible, a hoary cross between The Road and Netflix’s meme-worthy Bird Box. Its Emily Dickinson biopic, Dickinson, looks fine, if insufficiently gay. The Morning Show, starring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell, revolving around a cut-throat newsroom, looks fun! But do any of them seem likely to become a new must-watch on par with Netflix’s House of Cards or HBO’s Game of Thrones?

The games, too, were underwhelming, at least based on what Apple actually showed. As a longtime gamer who now plays almost exclusively on iOS,  I was expecting to feel very differently. My friends are probably tired of hearing me say that the iPad is the best games console in the world. Yet Arcade’s big draw appears to be a remarke of Frogger, the traffic-dodging platform game first released on arcade machines in 1981. It’s almost an insult to the vast breadth of beautiful ludo-art which calls iOS its home. 

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