If there’s one thing that would make the iPhone 11 phones “feel” unstoppable, it would be a 90Hz screen.

The iPhone 11 has a 60Hz screen, which is fine. But 90Hz screens are faster and smoother, and they make a big impact on how premium the phone feels. It’s not a necessity, but since phones from OnePlus, Razer, and Asus are coming out with 90-plus Hz screens, Apple’s iPhones (and other phones from big names like Samsung) are starting to look outdated, despite all the fancy designs and tech they have.

But I can see why Apple hasn’t adopted the 90Hz screen. Screens with higher refresh rates can use up more battery. Apple boasts better battery lives on the new iPhone 11 phones, which more people may value over a 90Hz screen, especially when the current 60Hz screen is good enough.

For reference, “Hz” refers to “refresh rate.” The higher the Hz number, the higher the refresh rate, which means the more frames per second a screen can display. With a higher refresh rate and more frames per second, animations like opening and closing apps, as well as swiping around an operating system and apps, look smoother. It makes a surprisingly big impact to how premium a device feels.