Clockwise from top left: Rich Pedroncelli (AP); Ryan Somma (Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0); Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson (Image Comics); Benjamin Currie (Gizmodo).

It’s Sept. 15, but because time has lost all context and meaning and we live in a ever-spinning technicolor nightmare kaleidoscope, we are entering week three of the one-sided feud Donald Trump has against federal weather agencies for questioning his incorrect assertion that Hurricane Dorian was on a path that could hit Alabama. Meanwhile, the president seems entirely unconcerned with the actual impact of the hurricane, ranging from oil spills to Bahamian refugees that his White House is refusing temporary protected status in the U.S. out of nothing more than senseless cruelty.

Meanwhile, Apple had its annual iPhone event, which we’ve got the rundown on here. It was also big news on the labor front: The California Senate passed AB5, legislation intended to force gig economy companies like Uber to hire classify workers as employees rather than independent contractor. Meanwhile, Kickstarter was accused of suppressing a union drive by firing key organizers. Elsewhere, Gizmodo wrote about scientists teaching rats to play hide and seek, panic hormones secreted by your bones, the assassination-style murder of a defender of Brazilian indigenous tribes, our interview with the creators of The Wicked & The Divine, and what the best medicine is.

All this and more, below: