Back in February, Toyota announced it was finally working on adding Android Auto support in its vehicles. Given it’s one of the largest car manufacturers worldwide, it’s very surprising it was so late in making the move, but the Japanese company seems to be serious in its commitment to Android Auto, as its luxury division’s cars will also support it.

Lexus confirms most of its 2020 lineup will be compatible with Android Auto, including RX, RC, and UX models, as well as select ES and NX vehicles from October 2019 production. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be support for a wireless mode, as the manufacturer mentions you’ll have to use a USB cable to connect your phone to the car’s infotainment system.

I’m happy to see almost all major manufacturers bringing Android Auto support, especially because it’s so easy to switch from one vehicle to another without having to get accustomed to the way the interface works. It also makes up for the sometimes average built-in navigation systems, and even gives users the choice of what application they’d rather use. With so many added benefits, I still don’t understand what BMW is waiting for to work on adding support for the solution.