If you’ve been considering getting into virtual reality with your PlayStation 4 but haven’t quite made it yet, there might be some Black Friday PlayStation VR deals to finally encourage you to take the plunge. We saw some great discounts on PlayStation VR back in 2018, and there’s every chance that we’ll get similar or even better Black Friday PSVR bundles when the end of this November rolls around. Considering the number of potential accessories you can bundle with PlayStation VR, there’s scope for big savings if the right Black Friday VR package comes along.

It’s likely that retailers will be offering up tempting Black Friday PlayStation VR deals to try and reduce their stock, as we’re expecting that the PS5 will launch late in 2020. This means there’s just one more Black Friday left to give sales a big push while PS4 is still the premium Sony console available, so there’s the potential for big savings to be had. This is what we’re expecting for Black Friday PlayStation VR deals in 2019, and if you’re searching for more general discounts then make sure you take a look at our round up of the best Black Friday game deals as well.

When will the Black Friday PlayStation VR discounts start?

Officially, Black Friday itself is November 29, however we’re expecting many retailers will launch their Black Friday sales a couple of weeks beforehand. If you want to get into VR then keep an eye out for those Black Friday PlayStation VR bundles, as there’s bound to be a variety of offers available, including games and accessories to help you get the complete virtual reality set up. Although the actual Black Friday weekend at the end of November will be the main time for deals, it’s entirely possible that some great Black Friday PSVR offers will appear before then, so make sure you’re watching out for them.

Last year we saw some excellent Black Friday PlayStation VR deals around Astro Bot Rescue Mission, arguably one of the best PSVR games of all time, with Walmart and Newegg offering a bundle including the headset, accessories, and two games for just $199. This was a great Black Friday PSVR discount, as the same bundle is currently retailing for $275, so it definitely pays to keep an eye out for deals as they happen.

In the UK, Amazon had this Starter Pack plus Astro Bot Rescue Mission for only £180, which was a very decent Black Friday VR deal – especially considering that the PSVR Starter Pack on its own will currently set you back a cool £249.

As always in these situations, you may find yourself wondering if you should go for a particular Black Friday PlayStation VR deal or wait to see if it improves further. If you see one appear before mid-November which looks good but not great, the chances are that a better offer will come along if you hold fire and wait. If it doesn’t, then usually the original offer will still be available so you won’t have missed out anyway.

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What is a good Black Friday PlayStation VR price?

The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors, including what accessories and games are bundled in the Black Friday PlayStation VR deal, but if you consider a base price of around $280/£250 and work back from there then you’ll get some idea of the savings on offer. During Black Friday 2018 prices dipped below the $200/£200 mark, which represented great savings then but we could see them go even lower when the 2019 sales come around.

The best PlayStation VR deals will include all of the accessories you need, such as a PlayStation Camera and a couple of PlayStation Move controllers, however if you own any of those things already then you can potentially save yourself more money by picking up a bundle without them to reduce costs. Naturally, you’ll also want some PSVR games to play on your new headset, though it’s reassuring to know that there’s lots of free content you can get from the PlayStation Store as well – including The Playroom VR and three downloadable “demo discs” of VR games, plus various other standalone demos.

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What else do I need with a Black Friday PlayStation VR deal?

Obviously, you’ll need a console to hook up your Black Friday PlayStation VR to, and we’ve been assuming you already have that side of things covered – if not, then check out the Black Friday PS4 deals available to get yourself a deal there too. Although PlayStation VR originally launched with the base PS4, its performance can be significantly improved by connecting it to a PS4 Pro console, so that’s something to bear in mind if you want to build yourself the best PSVR set up possible.

As well as a console and the headset, you’ll also need a PlayStation Camera at a minimum for your Black Friday PSVR to function, as it is used to detect the position and orientation of the lighting on the headset to relay your movements to the games you’re playing. Your VR experience will also benefit massively from having a couple of PlayStation Move controllers, as these provide much better motion tracking than the DualShock 4 light bar, and are required to play certain games. If you have any PlayStation Move controllers from the PS3 era then these are compatible with PS4 and PSVR, though those use mini-USB rather than the current micro-USB so you will need a separate cable to charge/sync them.

Ahead of the Black Friday PlayStation VR discounts, what’s out now?

We’re currently in the calm before the storm when it comes to deals on PlayStation VR, while retailers make their plans to hit Black Friday 2019 hard. However, if you can’t wait and need to get into the world of virtual reality right now then there are options available. There are the best PSVR deals you can get right now: