TALLINN, MUSTAMAE LINNAOSA / ACCESSWIRE / September 23, 2019 / The films “Ready Player One” and “Matrix” are science fiction films based on “Cross Reality,” a concept that connects a real-world and a virtual world. And now, traveling real worlds and virtual worlds is becoming a reality.

There is a project that introduced a blockchain which has recently attracted attention as a core technology to lead the fourth industry as the most effective means of connecting the two worlds. The project has been prepared over the last year.

ANGELIUM, developed by NO BORDERS Corporation, is a “Cross Reality Platform” that provides users with an interactive lifestyle for both real and virtual worlds based on their unique blockchain technology.

Unlike existing online games such as MMOs, Angelium provides a platform that allows users to create a virtual world and to communicate, enjoy services in a decentralized way through blockchain.

In addition, it aims to realize the following contents based on the concept of “Cross Reality”, not just a one-way virtual reality service:

-Uses tokens from a virtual world in a real-world

-Sells ​​items from a real-world in a virtual world

-Artists in real-world work in a virtual world

-Deploys assets or objects of a virtual world in a real-world through AR.

It aims to blend a real-world and the virtual world.

Rio (TAKESHI KUBO), the founder of ANGELIUM, is a businessman, music producer, and DJ who has made more than 200 world tour shows completely successful.

With the mission of ‘NO BORDERS’ and the vision of ‘Over the Borders and Crossing Over Lines of Racial Stereotypes, Rio has been active around the world. In order to make a new future for the entertainment industry, he set new concepts for his next step: ‘Cross Reality’ and ‘Technology of Blockchain’, and in the spring of 2018, he has started a project called ‘ANGELIUM’.

In the beginning, Rio jumped into a blockchain market without any expertise and randomly learned information and trends. And since he started working with Brett Harsho, a master of 3DCG, who worked for the film “Matrix,” he completed the project blueprint in a short time.

After successful financing through an ICO in the summer of 2018, he began to focus on development. This year, in July 2019, he completed the “Angelium Wallet,” which serves as a passport that connects virtual worlds with real worlds, and launched a beta version of the service.

First, he started operating games and ticketing services using blockchain and Smart contracts and now, he is preparing to release follow-up features such as exchanges, VR theaters for 4D experience, Smart cloud funding, and AR games this fall. Also, within this year, each content will be integrated into the 3D virtual world, enabling users to experience cross reality.

The make of Angelium Wallet is very unique, attractive and addictive as you will soon see when you access Angelium Wallet.

It also provides state-of-the-art blockchain services, including high-level exchanges and Oraclize, and it is very aesthetic in art and perfect in technology at the same time.

Thousands of projects based on blockchain have all produced a white paper saying that ‘our own technology will change the world’. However, in reality, the white papers are barely ‘generalized’ or ‘commercialized’.

Angelium is showing a striking move by “realizing” their concepts beyond “planning,” even though the keywords “Cross Reality” and “Metaverse” seem unrealistic. “Next year, ANGELIUM will bring about a great change in the VR/AR industries,” Rio showed confidence.

Rio didn’t give up even when most of Altcoin projects failed completely in 2018. While most users were interested only in Speculation of cryptocurrencies, he focused on the most essential elements: “realization of the blockchain-based ecosystem” and “implementation of cross-reality.”

The day he launched Wallet in July this year, he achieved 3,000 user sign-ups and $ 1 million Staking in just two hours.

Angelium is currently preparing for the final stage of Episode 3 for the release of AR and VR based on blockchain and smart contracts, with a roadmap consisting of six episodes.

He aims to make Angelium “a global standard as a blockchain-based cross-reality platform” through six episodes.

The realization of the world like “READY PLAYER ONE”, which is managed by blockchain, not by humans, will happen much faster than we expect.

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