Casio Secures New PRO TREK Smartwatch with Trustonic Technology

Casio has turned to Trustonic to safeguard its latest smartwatch. Built specifically for athletes and outdoor adventurers, the Casio PRO TREK Smart WSD-F21HR debuted in August and integrates the Trustonic Secured Platform for additional IoT security.

The PRO TREK comes with a slew of fitness-oriented features,
including a GPS, offline maps, and a heartrate monitor. Trustonic’s platform
will protect that biometric information and location data, and give developers
more confidence when developing apps for the new wearable.

“To future-proof smartwatches, [manufacturers] like Casio
are looking to the security best-practices of the smartphone ecosystem,” said
Trustonic CEO Ben Cade. “Our platform enables devices to be designed, developed
and built on a proven foundation of hardware-backed trust.”

The Trustonic Secured Platform is built with Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) tech, which is compatible with Google’s Keymaster requirements. The Trustonic TEE has previously been used for a range of different applications, securing everything from rail transportation to UK government assets to the Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute’s one-time password authentication service.

Earlier this year, Trustonic also launched a new Asset Lifecycle Protection Service that allows manufacturers to deactivate lost or stolen smartphones, a program that is designed to discourage the theft of IoT devices.