It’s a scenario all too many of us are familiar with: A phone gets accidentally dropped into a body of water (be it small as a toilet, or big as the ocean), and the device is rendered useless. However, for one woman, a miracle occurred in the case of her own waterlogged phone.

Not only did Erica Bennett drop her iPhone in water — into South Carolina’s Edisto River, to be exact — she didn’t even realize it was gone for some time. Bennett was floating with her family down the river back in June 2018 when the phone slipped out, and she was forced later to resign herself to it being gone for good.

Nearly 15 months later, a popular YouTube personality, Michael “Nugget Noggin” Bennett (no relation), who’s popular for his underwater treasure hunts, was scuba diving in the river and came across the phone 10 feet below the surface. He made a video of himself pulling the phone out and discovering, against all odds, that it still worked, due to the protection of a waterproof case.

The YouTuber contacted the owner, who told him gratefully that the phone contained texts and photos from her late father — and that she’d never thought she’d regain those precious memories.

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