Anker just released its brand-new PowerCore Slim 10000 PD battery bank in Midnight Green. As the perfect match for Apple’s latest iPhone 11, this portable battery packs a dual-function USB-C port that is used both to recharge the battery and power your devices. With support for 18W USB-C PD, it has the ability to charge the iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max at the fastest speed possible. Best of all? It’s on sale during a launch-week pre-order promotion.

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Anker’s PowerCore Slim packs 18W USB-C PD

The Anker PowerCore Slim is designed for those who are always on-the-go and need the ultimate in portable power. It has two outputs, one being USB-C and one being USB-A. This battery offers 18W USB-C Power Delivery output, which is enough to charge most modern iPhones at the fastest speed possible. 18W is also enough to power Apple’s latest iPad Pro, though it’ll be a slower charge than other devices can provide.

Apple’s latest iPhone ships with a USB-C charger and a USB-C to Lightning cable, which is great if you don’t already have one. That means that you can use the included accessories with your new iPhone to recharge faster than ever before. I’ve switched almost all of my chargers over to USB-C (mostly because I have a MacBook and iPad that use it). USB-C with 18W PD just recharges the iPhone so fast that you’ll never worry about having a dead battery as long as you top off every now and then.

anker powercore slim pd midnight green

Your friends will be green with envy

Though some might disagree, this writer things that green is the iPhone’s best color. Anker obviously knows this and decided to launch its PowerCore Slim in a new “Midnight Green” color. It’s super similar to the iPhone 11 Pro’s new green hue and will be the perfect match for when out-and-about

Three different charging modes highlight Anker’s PowerCore Slim

Anker ships its PowerCore Slim 10000 PD with three different charging modes. The first (and main) is 18W USB-C Power Delivery. The second? PowerIQ USB-A (which is great for older smartphones, GoPros, and the like). The third, however, is a very interesting mode: trickle-charging for low-power devices. I’m assuming this is built for things like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Apple Pencil, and the like, but there’s not really a ton of info on how it specifically works.

Customizable to your heart’s content

This battery bank doesn’t have to match your iPhone…at least, not out of the box. If you picked up a different color iPhone, or just want your battery pack to stand out from the crowd, Anker partnered with dBrand to make sure that you’ll always tell your portable power device from your friends. That’s right, our favorite d-branding company launched its plethora of skins for Anker’s new battery. You can check out all of the available options here.

Anker PowerCore Slim PD pricing and availability

Anker’s PowerCore Slim 10000 PD in Midnight Green is currently slated to ship in mid-November on Amazon for $39.99. However, if you use the code MIDGREEN at checkout, the price drops to $31.99 shipped.

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