Australians are introducing smart technology into their homes at a growing rate, and the good news is you no longer need to be a cashed-up tech-whizz to increase your home’s IQ. Brilliant Lighting’s smart technology engineer Jason Spadano says ‘plug and play’ style products are a simple and affordable way to introduce smart technology into your home, and suggests six ways smart technology can make life better. 1. Enhance the look and feel of a room Never underestimate the power of lighting to transform the look and feel of a room. Opt for a smart bulb that has a colour changing and dimmable function so you can adjust the colour and brightness to suit the space and vibe. LED strip lights are another effective, inexpensive and easy-to-install way to highlight parts of the house, including kitchen cabinets, hallways and stairs. 2. Smarten up your home security Outdoor smart security lights can be set on a timer to turn on and off at certain times, or sensors that switch on when movement is detected. Choose a brand that can be controlled remotely via app, so if you’re away for the weekend or on holidays you can turn the lights on remotely and it will look like someone is home. If you want to take your home security to the next level, smart WIFI cameras are a great option. These handy devices allow you to constantly monitor your home from your smartphone and record surveillance, with options on the market for under $100. 3. Stress less about leaving appliances on when you run out the door We’ve all experienced that moment of panic when you’re running late and rush out the door, only to arrive at your destination and freeze, worried you’ve left the hair straightener or iron on. Connecting your smart appliances through an app, allows you to control your home lighting, security, heating and plug-in appliances such as televisions and heaters from anywhere in the world. Using a smart plug, you can turn any existing household appliances, such as irons, into smart products by simply plugging them in. 4. Save money and reduce your environmental footprint Cut down your power bills and be more environmentally friendly by switching to LED smart bulbs, which use 75 per cent less energy than conventional, old fashioned lighting, as well as lasting 25 times longer. Using appliances only as you need them also reduces energy usage and the impact on natural resources. Save energy by controlling heating, lighting and appliances from your smart app and motion controlled sensors anywhere, at anytime. 5. Smarten up your summer outdoor entertaining area Make your garden smart and set a tone that complements your flowers and plants by adding single colour and multi-coloured RGB lighting. You can even wow your friends by creating a sequence on your smart device so that your lights change colour in time with your tunes. 6. Turn your child’s bedtime routine into a dream You can personalise the colours in smart bulbs, from blue to red or yellow, to help set a calming mood in your child’s room. You can also turn the lights off using the app from anywhere in the home, ensuring you don’t wake your little one in the process. Jason recommends choosing smart products such as Australian-owned BrilliantSmart, which are affordable, easy to use, don’t require a hub and can be controlled by voice command or remotely via a mobile phone app. You can find these in retailers and electrical wholesalers nationwide.