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Only days remain before Shadowkeep finally releases, which makes this the last weekend before Destiny 2‘s next expansion and a host of changes hit the game. And this makes this the last pre-Shadowkeep visit by Xur, Agent of the Nine and seller of Exotic weapons and armor. Unfortunately, despite being a big weekend for Destiny 2 players anticipating Shadowkeep, it’s not a very big one for Xur–the Exotics he’s selling this weekend are all a bit lackluster.

There’s good news, though, if you’re lacking Exotics from Year Two: starting next week, everything from Forsaken and the Annual Pass will be in the pool for Xur’s Fated Engrams, so you’ll be able to pick up anything you’re missing. In the meantime, here’s where to find Xur and what he’s offering this week.

Where Is Xur?

Head to Io to find Xur’s hiding place. He’s hanging out in Giant’s Scar, and you’ll want to ride your Sparrow north from the transmat zone and look for a cave along the western wall of the area to find him.

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What Is Xur Selling?

There’s nothing major of note in Xur’s bag this weekend, with everything coming from older collections. The gun, Vigilance Wing, is one Xur has sold many times and one most players have probably had for quite a while. However, whereas there is no difference between each version of an individual Exotic weapon, armor is a different story. Because armor features randomized rolls, you might find that what Xur is selling offers better perks than the version you might already own. At the very least, these perks might better align with your playstyle. Or, if you don’t already own these pieces, it’s an easy opportunity to fill out your collection. Beyond the items, Xur also has the Five of Swords challenge card (to modify Nightfall difficulty) and an Invitation of the Nine (which provides you with some objectives and leads to a bit of new story content). And if you’re a PC or Xbox One player taking advantage of Cross-Save, you can jump on PS4 and potentially get Wavesplitter from the Fated Engram.

Xur Item Lineup (September 27-October 1)

  • Vigilance Wing (Exotic Pulse Rifle) — 29 Legendary Shards
  • Helm of Saint-14 (Exotic Titan Helmet) — 23 Legendary Shards
  • Lucky Pants (Exotic Hunter Leg Armor) — 23 Legendary Shards
  • Nezarec’s Sin (Exotic Warlock Helmet) — 23 Legendary Shards

Vigilance Wing

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If you don’t have this deadly pulse rifle, it’s worth snagging, especially for Crucible situations. It fires a five-round burst, which is more than most pulse rifles, making it pretty solid in most mid-range combat situations. It also boosts you when your allies are killed, giving you increased movement speed and health regeneration. The bonuses increase even more when you’re the last person alive on your fireteam.

Helm of Saint-14

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For Titans, Xur offers the Helm of Saint-14, which boosts your Ward of Dawn Super in ways that make it great for PvE play. When activated, Ward of Dawn blinds enemies who walk into it, while granting overshields to allies who move through it. Your Sentinel Shield also blinds nearby enemies when you use it.


  • Slot 1: Heavy Lifting; Hands-On; Kinetic Weapon Targeting
  • Slot 2: Rocket Launcher Reserves; Shotgun Reserves

Lucky Pants

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If you’re a Hunter and a hand cannon fan, Lucky Pants can be pretty useful. The leg armor reloads a round into your stowed hand cannons every time you land a precision hit with a different gun. Then, when you swap back to your hand cannons, they ready faster and are more accurate.


  • Slot 1: Perpetuation; Traction; Oversize Weapon Dexterity
  • Slot 2: Hand Cannon Scavenger; Submachine Gun Scavenger

Nezarec’s Sin

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If you’re a Nova Bomb-favoring Warlock, Nezarec’s Sin is a good get. It bumps your ability recharge rate every time you get a Void damage kill, which can create a strong feedback loop when coupled with Void weapons.


  • Slot 1: Submachine Gun Targeting; Energy Weapon Targeting; Precision Weapon Targeting
  • Slot 2: Rocket Launcher Reserves; Sniper Rifle Reserves