With a blink of an eye, police officers have figure out if someone has a gun and is planning to hurt someone, or if that person can be talked down from a situation.

“It’s not so much the act of using the gun or the taser, pepper spray or any of that, it’s about being able to talk about the decisions that you have to go through, and why you made the decisions you did,” said law enforcement training officer Micah Stoll.

At the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy in London, officers are put to the test. They are put through virtual reality situations to help them decide when they should use lethal force.

“The more you train, your vision starts to open up, so even when you are in a real-life situation, you start to hear more,” Stoll said.

Even those who aren’t officers can go through this training. Law enforcement training officer Stoll said it’s a great way for people to learn about the stress and decisions officers have to make.

“It puts them in the difficult spots that you can be in at times,” Stoll said.

Stoll also argued this type of training can save lives, not just police officers’, but citizens as well.

“I think it can. I think if the officers can come in and view it not as a video game, but try to put themselves in the actual scenario and treat it like real life,” Stoll said.