Borderlands 3 has been out for a couple weeks now, and the quest for legendary loot continues apace.

One way to get some of the best loot is to follow Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford on Twitter, where he randomly doles out SHiFT Codes at all hours of the day.

These Shift Codes can be redeemed for Golden Keys, which you can use to unlock the golden chest with the skull on it in Sanctuary.

Here’s the latest SHiFT Code: 5SWTJ-BBW93-SWJ55-B3BJ3-5BH99

This code is only good until 10 pm CST / 11 pm EST / 8 pm PST, so hurry and redeem it before it’s too late.

You can do this in the Social Menu in-game, or by visiting this website. (Note, some of these only work on the website, but usually you can in-game as well).

Once you’ve redeemed the code you’ll have the Golden Key which you can use right away or save for later. Different people will offer up differing advice–either hold onto it until you’re Level 50 or go ahead and spend it to get some Epic or Legendary loot right away.

That’s up to you. Just remember to do it quickly before this thing is no good anymore.

Pitchford and Gearbox will keep giving these out fairly regularly so I’d just use the key whenever you want. After all, it’s always fun to get some cool new loot. The only trouble is, Pitchford tends to troll gamers with these keys, sometimes handing them out in the middle of the night with an early morning expiration time.

Oh well, this one is at least reasonably timed. Happy loot hunting, young padawans.