Months after Microsoft revealed that a new Minecraft game would be released in commemoration of the world-building games 10-year anniversary, the tech giant and game developer Mojang have now shared Minecraft: Earth‘s release details as part of the 2019 MiNECON Live event. The new augmented reality mobile game, which has been in a beta testing phase for months on both Android and Apple iOS platforms, will see “early access” in various countries starting next month.

The new game remains intact with the original’s conceptual basis, yet has evolved via users being able to create their own worlds with augmented reality. Through the new game format, users will be able to embark on shareable Adventures—quest-like content that will see you and your comrades braving monsters and challenges in order to obtain rare resources. The game will utilize“Tappables” found around the map which joins virtual reality with reality. Then you must build blocks on top of a base “plate” on any flat surface. In many senses, the game is similar in regards to Pokémon GO, whereby influencing its users to venture outside and socialize, connecting with people through world-building.

You can check out the game’s latest teaser trailer below.