Minooka High School District 111 teachers are excited that students are now able to use virtual reality technology in the classroom thanks to a grant.

The Minooka Community High School Career and Technical Education Department was awarded a $10,000 grant from the District 111 Foundation for Educational Excellence, according to a news release.

Wes Anderson, a teacher with the CTE department, was overjoyed.

“We are very fortunate that the District 111 Foundation for Educational Excellence purchased the ClassVR classroom set for us,” Anderson said. “I am very excited to have this technology available for our teachers to enhance their already great curriculum. This technology is another tool that our teachers will have at their disposal to have a positive impact on student learning.”

The CTE Department bought the virtual reality headsets from ClassVR. The company administered a day of training for a number of teachers who were picked to be early adopters of the technology. They now know how to implement the lesson plans after the training.

“The teachers will be able to use the VR/AR technology to provide experience for their students that they otherwise were not able to do,” Anderson said. “Instead of just using pictures, our teachers can now immerse our students in an experience, thanks to the AR/VR technology.”

The District 111 Foundation for Educational Excellence’s mission is to “inspire excellence, foster innovation and nurture potential,” according to the release.

The foundation wants to provide opportunities to educate MCHS students beyond the classroom and “extend creative learning and development time far into the future.”