TUCSON – Healthcare is going even more high tech in the way we track, treat and prevent diseases.

University of Arizona professor of medicine, Dr. Marvin Slepian said that BioStamp is a wearable FDA-approved device that was manufactured by a company in Boston.

Slepian said that the device sticks onto the skin and some patients do not even feel they have it on.

The skin patch sensors and measures vital signs, activity, posture and sleep.

That documentation and measurement, he says, are able to extend healthcare and track a patient to see if they are on course or deviating.

Slepian said that if something seems off, doctors are able to intervene sooner and a version of this device will be available to consumers soon.

On Wednesday, he will be holding a lecture on the advancement of wearable technology at the UA Health Sciences Innovation Building starting at 6 p.m.