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The launch of Destiny 2‘s Shadowkeep expansion and New Light was a bit rough, with long queues and servers even being taken down for a period of time on release day. Much of that seems to have been already smoothed out, but there are a variety of other issues that Bungie has acknowledged. One in particular is potentially serious for gameplay, but it’s thankfully something you can avoid if you’re aware of it.

One of the key new additions in update is the Artifact. This is a new type of item players acquire and then level up during the course of the season. You can acquire this whether or not you’ve purchased Shadowkeep; you just have to level up the new battle pass to Tier 7. Once you do, you can claim it from the Seasons menu–but it’s imperative you don’t do so if you’re currently playing an activity where equipment is locked (such as a Nightfall).

Update: While not an outright fix for the issue, Bungie has at least proposed a potential fix for those who are suffering from this problem. The developer recommends players using the official mobile Destiny Companion app to equip the Artifact. This can be through the following steps:

  • View your character’s inventory
  • Go to the General Tab
  • Scroll down to the Seasonal Artifact slot and equip Gate Lord’s Eye

Bungie’s precise wording is that this “may” allow players to resolve the issue, so it doesn’t sound as if it’s a guarantee. Still, it’s certainly worth a try if you’re stuck without an artifact right now. The original story follows.

Bungie issued a warning on Twitter that players are not receiving the Gate Lord’s Eye when they attempt to claim it while their equipment is locked. You don’t have to worry about hitting Tier 7 while in an equipment-locked activity as long as you don’t actively go and claim it, as you might be tempted to do.

Bungie said it’s investigating the issue, but there’s no word on how soon it might be able to get the item into players’ hands. That’s unfortunate because it’s something you want to acquire as soon as possible. Once you have the Artifact, your XP gains will level it up, unlocking rewards and boosting your Power level. This can only be done during the current Season of the Undying, which runs until mid-December. At that point, the Artifact and its rewards will go away for everyone, paving the way for a new Artifact, rewards, and Power climb in the next season.

There is a running list of known issues impacting Destiny 2 right now on Bungie’s forums. More problems are sure to emerge in the coming days, but for the time being it at least seems that most of the ones preventing people from playing are behind us.