Usually if Randy Pitchford is giving away Borderlands 3 SHiFT codes late at night, by the time you see them, they’re probably expired. But not so this time (hopefully), as he’s just given out a pair of codes that have 12 and 24 hour expiration times respectively, far longer than the 1-3 hours they usually get.

Here’s a key that expires at 11 AM ET, Saturday Oct 5:


And if you miss that one, here’s a key that expires at 11 PM ET, Saturday Oct 5:


You can redeem these either on the Borderlands site or in the game’s Social menu under SHiFT codes.

I’ve tried both of these and they do work, and then I went to redeem them and got…zero legendaries, as per usual. I have redeemed over a dozen SHiFT codes and golden keys at the chest so far to no avail, as I’ve only received Epics. This is why I usually recommend that you use these keys before you hit max level to get drops that may be more useful at lower levels, given that for the majority of the 1-50 levelling process, Epics are what you’ll be using most of the time until you get in the ultra-endgame and start decking yourself out in full legendaries.

You’ll may need the extra loot, given some recent nerfs to the game. Borderlands 3 seems like it’s prioritizing nerfs to powerful builds over buffs to bad ones, as yesterday brought small buffs to FL4K’s Rakk Attack, but big nerfs to his crit boss burn build and to Moze’s infinite grenade build, which is unfortunate.

We will hopefully keep getting more of these SHiFT codes, though with how stingy they are with legendary drops, I think it might be nice to start getting codes with 5 keys at a time instead of just 1, but that hasn’t happened yet. Keep an eye out here for any more codes that might get added today, or you can follow Randy on Twitter which may be the most up to date way to get codes, especially when he dumps the very short term ones on fans that have to be redeemed immediately. At least you have a little more time to get these two, and I hope you have seen this article in time.

I’m going to try and keep gauging the full extent of these recent nerfs in order to write about them later on today, but I woke up extra early just to get this out there so you can hopefully see it before one or both of these codes expire. See you out there.

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