Amazon is on a roll with a batch of brand new devices that you can pre-order now to get in the next month or so. Everything from an all-in-one pluggable smart device to a microwave, the new devices will fit into anyone’s daily routine. But to me, the most impressive and important launch is the Echo Studio. With five speakers that feature Dolby Atmos technology, you’re getting high-quality audio priced at $200. But it’s not just a great speaker; you also can easily access Alexa like you would with any other smart device. Previous iterations of the Echo were more grounded in the smart home technology that happened to have a decent speaker. The Studio flips that on its head by integrating a smart assistant into a top-of-the-line speaker that gives you crisp highs and deep bass. Plus, they’ve even added technology that will automatically sense the acoustics in the room its placed in to give you the best sound experience. Shipping on November 17th, you can pre-order right now. | Get it on Amazon >

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