So you’ve started the exotic quest for the new Divinity trace rifle in Destiny 2. You went to the lunar battlegrounds and went absolutely ham on a horde of Vex, and all you got was a “Divine Fragmentation”. Your Ghost suggests you analyze a Vex Core to figure out what’s going on with it, but there’s a problem: there’s no Vex Core on the moon. So read on for how to finish the second step of the Divinity quest in Destiny 2 and the location of those Vex Cores.

Clearly, we’re going to want to go to the Vexiest place in the solar system, and that means Nessus. We’re looking for Vex Cores in three lost sectors, so we’ll go over that below. Each one will advance this quest 33%, so read on to find out where you’re going.

Lost Sector 1: The Orrery: The Orrery is at Artifact’s Edge, where you start your Vex journey in the main campaign. Jump down and look at the Vex standing in front of an orangey circle: that is not the lost sector. The lost sector is just under that. Go in and waste as many Vex as you need to: that might mean all of them, because there are a lot of hobgoblins here. You’re looking at the left-hand side of the room near the top: hop up on top of the architecture until you’re standing on a flat piece. The entrance looks like this:

Go in there and you’ll see a glowing data thing. Try to analyze it, kill the Vex that get in your way, then analyze it. On to the next. 

Lost Sector 2–The Conflux: The Conflux is right in the middle of The Cistern, due north of the Well of Flame: you’ll see the little icon on your map, but it’s a pain to find. Go to the giant Vex milk waterfall: there’s a cave at the bottom on the left, if you’re looking at the waterfall. Go inside and enter into a large open space with some cabal wandering around. On the right-hand wall you’ll see s amll room you can jump in. The outside looks like this:

Head in, kill the Vex, analyze the core.

Lost Sector 3–Ancient’s Haunt: Head to the Tangle from Artifact’s Edge. This one is pretty easy to find: just go to the icon on the eastern wall and you’ll see an icon that corresponds to a cave. Head on in and waste some Vex, likely including the Wanted boss of the area. After you destroy Pakrion, continue on and hug the left-hand wall. You can actually see the core from the main area here, so just look for a cave with a core in it. Kill the Vex, analyze the core.

And that’s it! All three will defrag your orb, and after that you’ll just need to repair some decryption cores to continue.