• Few smartphones impress me as much as those from OnePlus, and the OnePlus 7T made sure I keep feeling that way. 
  • The $600 OnePlus 7T really makes you wonder why other smartphones with similar specs and features cost so much. The performance is infallible, the triple-lens camera is great, the battery life is solid, and it charges absurdly quickly — and it looks pretty good, too!
  • The only compromise you’d have to consider is a lack of wireless charging and no official “IP” water resistance ratings. The next best phone with those features is the $700 iPhone 11, and the $750 Galaxy S10e
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As someone who uses the latest and greatest smartphones from companies like Apple, Samsung, and LG every year, you could argue that I’m a little jaded.

Most new smartphones are great, and they come with cool new features sometimes. But the element of surprise and wonder of a new device is unfortunately mostly lost on me. I grab a box containing a $1,000 smartphone from the Business Insider mail room as if it was a pizza delivery — there’s slight excitement for the contents, but it’s commonplace and not incredibly special.

Lo, the perils of being a tech reporter.

But twice a year, new phones from OnePlus reignite that missing sense of excitement in a new smartphone. The excited question I ask myself whenever a new OnePlus phone comes out is: “How can this company possibly top the previous phone while keeping it at an attainable price?”

In early 2019, it was the OnePlus 7 Pro. Now, towards the end of 2019, it’s the OnePlus 7T. 

Well, they’ve done it again. Not necessarily with crazy features or things that absolutely no other phone can do; it’s that the OnePlus 7T is so good and such a good price.

Here’s how OnePlus and the OnePlus 7T continues to surprise me while my drawer is full of the top smartphones from the biggest tech companies: