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Image: Roku

TL;DR: RokuTV wireless speakers are on sale through October for just $149.99 (normally $199.99) and come with TV Voice Remote and Bluetooth streaming.

Remember when having a DVD/VCR combo built right into your TV was considered the apex of home entertainment tech? Like Jetsons-level, the-future-is-now sort of stuff? Do you even remember DVDs? 

You’ve probably replaced those ancient relics with a sweet, crystal-clear HDTV setup, one that comes with a built in Roku device for streaming all your movies and shows at the drop of a voice command. You are now bingeing Peaky Blinders like a kid scarfing Seasonal Reese’s after Halloween. 

The sound, though. You want bigger sound to go along with the bigger everything, but without the bigger price tag. No problemo. 

Through the month of October, Roku has a screaming deal on their RokuTV wireless speakers for only $149.99 — that’s $50 off for a package that includes premium sound for your RokuTV, plus a Roku Touch tabletop remote and added voice remote. That means you can keep it hands-free on any compatible RokuTV and turn it up to eleven for window-rattling fun the next time you fall into The Matrix (which, let’s be real, was even pretty cool back on that rickety DVD/VCR combo).

Or maybe music is your thing, instead. Or sports. Or nature documentaries. Whatever.

The RokuTV wireless speakers are going to give you clear, high-fidelity sound with optimal stereo separation, rich bass notes, and soundscapes that will put you right in the middle of all the action.

The wireless setup is super easy with any compatible RokuTV, too. All you have to do is literally plug in the speakers to a power source and they will pair up with your TV to get you moving in stereo. The speakers are also compact enough to sit on a shelf, so installation is quick and painless.

Visit the Roku site for their limited-time deal on RokuTV wireless speakers for only $149.99. Normally $199.99, that’s a $50 savings that will be music to your ears.