After Apple made a splash with the iPad Pro’s 120Hz display in 2017, Android manufacturers started to follow suit. To date, only a handful of companies has released phones with 120Hz screen technology: Razer, Asus, and Sharp. Although nothing is official, we can tentatively induct Xiaomi into the club thanks to references to a 120Hz display setting discovered in a beta build of MIUI 11.

High refresh rate displays are desirable for several reasons: sharper images and less blur during fast-moving scenes, elimination of screen tearing, and a reduction in input lag. Although mobile gamers will reap the most benefit from such displays, non-gamers benefit also from smoother UI animations and less flickering.

When XDA member kacskrz combed through the code inside a beta build of MIUI 11 of an unknown device, a new display option to choose between 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rate was discovered. After further experimentation, he even managed to get the setting to show up on his own test device.

Refresh rate option inside the display setting from a beta build of MIUI 11.

The obvious takeaway is that Xiaomi most likely has a phone in the works that will come with a 120Hz display; whether it’s LCD or OLED remains to be seen and we know nothing yet about the device this build of MIUI 11 is meant for.

With MIUI 11 rolling out soon on October 16th and the holiday shopping season coming up, we hope Xiaomi will make an announcement soon about its mystery 120Hz phone.