In less than a decade, the Indonesia-based Gojek, a multi-service platform and digital payment technology startup, said it has grown into a $10 billion enterprise with more than 2 million motorcycle taxis and couriers in several Southeast Asian countries.

To keep track of the inventory and distribution of its drivers’ helmets and jackets, Confidex provided Gojek with an RFID tag.

Gojek Super App provides access to some 20 different services, many of which involve delivering people, goods or food.

“What we needed was full visibility of assets throughout the supply chain – from the factory to distribution to end-user,” said Nathan Roestandy, CEO of Zulu – the wearable tech and apparel R&D company responsible for supplying the Gojek riders and users with the helmets and jackets. “This reduces the challenges concerning lost inventory, tracing the supplier and user authorization.”

With the support from PT Elektrodata Sistem Integrasi, a Confidex reseller in Indonesia, Zulu is ensuring that all jackets and helmets are tagged at the source before delivering to warehouses and distribution warehouses countrywide.

“I first suggested to Gojek to use RFID technology and am glad to be a part of the implementation process,” said YusuSyaid, chief technology officer of Zulu. “To work on an idea from the beginning, guiding implementation and then running it in operations is very rewarding. It’s a very innovative way to manage the inventory of this kind of scale – and a first of its kind in Asia.

“We at Zulu have designed and built RFID based subsystems, one of which is an IoT-based production monitoring system, for both helmet and jacket productions. I can track the daily production process per assembly line per factory on my phone. Another important element was that we created all the data structures to encode into the RFID tags.”