Best answer: Microsoft is expected to launch Xbox Game Streaming for iPhone and iPad. However, the initial Project xCloud Preview targets Android devices, with no formal timeframe on its iOS release.

Is Xbox Project xCloud Android only?

Microsoft debuted the Project xCloud Preview, its first at-home hands-on trial for the upcoming Xbox Game Streaming service. Mobilizing the Xbox One family via cloud-backed streaming, it sets out to deliver low-latency gameplay on-the-go that it promises will be comparable to full-fledged living room experiences. The first wave of tests dropped this October, targeting Android devices via an invite-only testing program.

Public Project xCloud efforts have so far lied exclusively with Android offering, between promotional videos, trade show demos, and at-home trials. But for iPhone users keen to try Xbox Game Streaming, Microsoft remains silent on plans. “Not yet,” stated Xbox Live director of programming, Larry Hyrb when prompted for details on iOS availability via Twitter. “When I have more details we will share.”

Microsoft frames Project xCloud as an effort to broaden the accessibility of its Xbox portfolio, bridging different device types. Xbox Game Steaming could one day span mobile, console, and PC, making iPhone a crucial component of these plans. As the first Android tests rollout, keep an eye out for more iPhone news.

Why isn’t Xbox Game Streaming on iPhone?

While Microsoft remains silent, the Android requirement for Project xCloud Preview primarily comes down to its ability to facilitate Microsoft’s testing ambitions. Apple retains a tight grip on happenings with the iOS ecosystem, presenting Google’s offerings as desirable for developers. While expected to extend to iOS at some point, Android can support more effective initial testing.

Apple’s native TestFlight app platform aids in distributing pre-release applications, serving valuable data back to developers. However, TestFlight is locked down to a limit of over 10,000 applicants, heavily bottlenecking large-scale tests. Android is also supported by a diverse pool of third-party hardware, providing more variety to improve performance over bespoke Apple hardware. The iPhone only just secured native Xbox One controller support via the new iOS 13 update.

That’s not touching on Apple’s dubious App Store policies, formerly blocking Steam Link, which enables PC gamers stream titles via their home network. Citing a potential business conflict, the app remained inaccessible until 2019. Even top services like Spotify have protested Apple’s misconduct, gaining a competitive advantage for Apple Music on iOS. With the launch of Apple Arcade, will Microsoft fight a similar battle for Xbox Game Streaming?

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