Vatican launches eRosary wearable technology that tracks prayers

The Click to Pray eRosary from the Vatican is a wearable technology bracelet featuring a crucifix interface that tracks the user’s worship and syncs with a smartphone app.

Launched by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, the smart rosary lets users monitor the progress of each prayer and provides users with an audio prayer-guide via the app.

eRosary smart rosary technology

Traditional rosaries are wooden crosses on a string of knots or beads that Catholics use as an aid to prayer.

To activate the eRosary, which costs €99 (£85), users make the sign of the cross on the haptic interface of the crucifix.

eRosary smart rosary technology

Once the user activates it, they can choose from standard prayers or themed ones that are updated throughout the year in relation to religious holidays.

The app tracks the worshipper’s progress through the prayer and logs their prayer activity.

eRosary smart rosary technology

As a bonus feature, the smart rosary also tracks health data such as the number of steps the user makes during the day and calories burned, to encourage the faithful to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

“Aimed at the peripheral frontiers of the digital world where the young people dwell, the Click To Pray eRosary serves as a technology-based pedagogy to teach the young how to pray for peace, how to contemplate the Gospel,” said the Holy See’s press office.

eRosary smart rosary technology

Produced by GadgeTech Inc, the smart cross sits on a bracelet of ten black beads made of agate and hematite.

It comes packaged in a box wrapped to look like a bible, complete with a decorated inner-page and a bookmark ribbon, and the charger doubles as a display stand.

eRosary smart rosary technology

Wearable smart technology comes in a variety of guises and purposes. The tech-savvy can enjoy everything from a baby monitor that can be worn as a wristwatch to a shiny ring that doubles as a vibrating sex toy.

Images courtesy of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.