Best for apartments

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“With an apartment, it’s important to keep in mind that you probably don’t want anything hardwired because you may not be allowed to drill holes. So, you’ll want a wireless option,” says Ward. “You may also want a DIY system because then you will likely be able to take the equipment to your next place.”

Both Ward and Siciliano recommend SimpliSafe. “Move it from home to home to apartment to condo. SimpliSafe designed its home security systems for smaller homes and apartment dwellers. It has a standard entry sensor that covers the main door,” Siciliano says. Outsmart burglars with these 13 home security tips.

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Best for homes with pets

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When it comes to pets, “the best solution is any quality security system installed that doesn’t use motion detectors and only protects doors and windows,” says Neal Scott of Alarm Websites. But if sensors are a must, Ward recommends Vivint. “They have pet-friendly sensors and lots of home automation that you can use such as cameras that can watch your pet, environmental sensors, and the capability to lock/unlock doors from your phone for pet sitters or dog walkers.”

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Best for people who travel frequently

If you’re a frequent traveler, it’s important to have app and smart home integration. So, both Ward and Siciliano say if you’re on the go, go with Vivant.

“They have the best home automation, easy professional installation, and work with Alexa and Nest smart home systems,” says Siciliano. “This is full home protection, including burglary and environmental protection and home automation. It uses a radio frequency called Z-Wave, which many other smart home devices use. So, you can add other third-party devices to your Vivint system.” Don’t forget to do these things before you leave for vacation.

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