They never leave the lights on or off all the time

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No one leaves lights on or off all of the time, yet many people think that getting in the habit of doing these things makes their home more secure. Instead, says Turner, this can make you appear as if you aren’t home, as well as waste electricity and run up your bill.

A better idea? Using a smart light system. Rupert Pople, founder of Your Smart Home Guide, recommends a multi-user geofencing formula that tracks the user’s locations and mimics the presence of someone being home. “If you go away, especially for an extended period of time, it can be easy to notice that someone isn’t there, so a formula is essential,” Pople explains. “Going one step further, Philips Hue has a TV mimicking formula, which uses a smart light that produces randomized light flickering that seems just like a TV is on. This works best when the curtains are closed.” Here are 15 more smart devices that are worth every penny.

They never have an address sign that can’t be spotted easily

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If you have a break-in or other emergency, you want responders to find you as fast as possible. “If there’s an emergency and I need an ambulance, the police, or the fire department, I want them to be able to find my home easily,” says Turner. “That’s why I have a reflective, prominent address sign for visibility throughout the day and night.”