Looking to get one of the best deals in PC VR headsets? Micro Center has slashed the price on HP’s Windows Mixed Reality headset down to just $130 for both the headset and included controllers.

The catch is you’ll have to pick it up in-store, as the online shop seems to be entirely out of stock.

There’s almost two dozen stores currently in stock across the US, so you’ll need to reserve it at your local participating Micro Center before you lose the chance.

The headset’s MSRP is supposed to be $400, although you’ve probably seen it around for around the $200 – $250 mark on Amazon, Best Buy, etc. However you slice it though, $130 is pretty much unbeatable.

Image courtesy Micro Center

It’s up to you whether you consider this a catch or not, but Windows Mixed Reality headsets aren’t exactly the top of the line specs-wise, with HP and a gang of other OEMs like Acer, Dell, and Lenovo tossing out similarly kitted VR headsets in October 2017.

All Windows Mixed Reality headsets, HP included, boast better headset and controller tracking than PSVR, which is thanks to a mostly competent inside-out tracking system (i.e. no need for tracking beacons or sensors), although the controller isn’t very ergonomic.

Windows VR headsets (excluding Samsung Odyssey & Odyssey Plus) boast the same basic hardware specs: inside-out optical tracking, dual 1,440 × 1,440 LCD panels, 90Hz refresh, and around a 100 degree field of view.

Although not the most impressive PC VR headset out there, Windows headsets boast SteamVR support, meaning you can play almost any VR game on the world’s largest digital distribution platform. With that in mind, HP’s headset is plenty usable if you’re looking to get into PC VR gaming, making this deal a true bargain basement find.

Thanks goes out to SvenViking for spotting the news!