Apple is allegedly informing members of the media of the ‘AirPods Pro’ in pre-launch meetings, with the supposed next-generation models to be shown to journalists at local offices over the next week.

(via @BenGeskin/Twitter)

(via @BenGeskin/Twitter)

Current rumors and alleged leaks has Apple preparing to launch an updated version of the AirPods dubbed the “AirPods Pro.” The expectation of having the new model out in time for the lucrative holiday shopping period led to the suggestion of an October launch, and according to one source, Apple is getting ready for its announcement.

Benjamin Geskin, a usually reliable source of data on the smartphone industry, posted to Twitter late on Sunday that Apple would be showing off the audio accessories on Tuesday or Wednesday “next week” to journalists at Apple’s local offices. A further post early on Mondy claimed Apple’s “AirPods Pro media meeting has already been completed in Shanghai.”

Geskin’s post is the latest in a series of claims on the new model in reports and rumors, with some indicating the model will sell for at least $260 at retail. Photographs have also leaked of a squat, partially disassembled AirPods charging case, which is thought to be for the new model, if legitimate.

Apple itself has also provided a hint a new model was on the way, with the first iOS 13.2 beta including an icon strongly suggesting the addition of noise cancellation activation as a “focus mode.” the new AirPods are also supposedly given the model number B298.

AppleInsider could not verify the claims that one briefing has already taken place.