It sounds like there’s a good chance we’ll one day experience a Kojima-helmed VR game, but it won’t be for some time. In an interview with Rocket Beans Gaming, the veteran video game developer spoke at some length about the potential of virtual reality and his confidence in the medium, but admitted that he’s fresh out of spare time at the moment and that any potential involvement in a VR project would have to wait.

Speaking to an English-language interviewer through a translator, Kojima had this to say when asked whether he was interested in developing for PlayStation VR:

Some quotes edited for clarity.

“I’m really interested in [VR], but I think I’m not free enough,” Kojima said. “I want to do it, definitely, but I don’t really have time right now to concentrate on VR. But, the next thing using VR will probably be, maybe not a game, but for art, education, or as a simulator. I think there will be a breakthrough using VR.”

Whenever and however Kojima decides to pursue VR, it’s sure to be a fascinating experiment – unless it’s PT VR, which can go straight to hell as far as I’m concerned. In fact, anything horror-related involving Kojima and VR would likely be one of the more nightmarish experiences you could have with a video game. Still, it’s fun to imagine the possibilities of such a creative mind using such an immersive technology to make new experiences for gamers.

With Death Stranding releasing November 8, we’ll be looking out for what’s next for the industry veteran, which will almost assuredly be developed for the next console generation.

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